Do You


Sit for long periods of time?

Get tingling in your hands or legs with sitting in your car or in an airline seat?

Have Chronic Back Pain?

Take a minute to get your back comfortable when rising from sitting?

Have difficulty rising from a sitting position?

Set a good posture example for your children?

Would You

Like to give a great first impression?

Like to rise from sitting with greater ease?

Like to strengthen your core while sitting?

Like to look thinner and leaner without losing a pound?

Be interested in an attractive and powerful posture?

Be interested in perkier looking boobs?

Like a to nonsurgically diminish your turkey neck?

See what our customers are saying about the Back Bean.

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  • Patented Posture Support invented by
    Dr. Ilyne Kobrin
    Doctor of Chiropractic
    CEO, Posture Docs LLC
    Creator of Foundational Posture

  • Back Bean

    Back Bean

  • Extra Base

    Extra Base